viennese measurements 
la huasteca monterrey, mexico

together with per.sona residency programme and peana projects
residency’s project funded by the rockefeller brothers fund and material sponsored by concrete canvas

“to determine the dimensions and proportions of this platform, the artist created a handbook based on the measurements of his friends’ bodies — these measurements defined the design’s outcome. The chair can be expanded to create more space surrounding the center, a space created by its inhabitants. The act of sitting and exchanging words in a circle produces an atmosphere of intimacy, so that “lost in conversation, we are unaware of the passage of time”.
Alluding to its portability, Gschwandtner conceived the interior of the pavilion’s claddings as surfaces on which to incorporate printed text or images that directly come from the context in which it is placed.”

text: josé de sancristóbal, per.sona