photo - documentation of “in verwendnung”
solo show at lant street, invited and curated by jermaine gallacher 
“the work investigates the body language that a chair proposes, and how that proposal is interrupted an repurposed through use. A thing that provides seating should primarily fulfill the function to carry a person, a body. But to what degree does design give form to the body and its movements, instead of the other way around? Raw steel and laqure frames carry sheets of leather and plastered canvas, smoothened with wax, varnish and paint.
Imprints and traces of the artist’s own physical gestures suggest how to engage with these pieces, but also questions to what degree design should dictate appropriate ways of seating. The chair translates into a domain of rest, where the facilitated body does not conform but inform, and extend the design moment by moment.
The chair remains with the body, and the body with the chair.”

text: matilda söderberg
images: norman wilcox-geissen